Component Machine

React is great, but its setup can get a bit repetitive. My approach is to automate as much as possible, as seemingly minor optimizations can really pay off over time. aacm is an automatic component maker. It creates components and style files. It's meant to be installed globally, then executed from your src/ directory.

$ sudo npm i -g aacm

It can do several at the same time, for example…

$ aacm Header Body Footer


└── components
    ├── Body
    │   ├── Body.jsx
    │   └── Body.scss
    ├── Footer
    │   ├── Footer.jsx
    │   └── Footer.scss
    └── Header
        ├── Header.jsx
        └── Header.scss

It generates functional components by default, but there are several options. See them with:

$ aacm -h

Check out for the full docs.

Jasmyn has made hundreds of apps. If you need help with yours she'd love to hear from you.

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